Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Invisible War

I may not have broken bones, or a wheel chair,
or battle scars; I may not have a bloodied
face or the badges of honour,
but still, I fight a vicious war, 
for which there is no reward but pain. 

They cannot fix the invisible monster inside;
They cannot stitch it up or fix it in plaster;
They cannot reason with it, nor can 
they remove it with their instruments. 
They cannot see it; they question it's existence. 

The pain is real, even if I am smiling;
I am smiling because the truth hurts. 

The pain is real, but I am a warrior, 
Even if they cannot see the war I am fighting. 
I fight courageously, without desire for medals,
or pity; I just do it because I have to. 


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